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SEO Myths That You Need To Avoid While Growing Your Business

We cherish SEO. What’s more, we believe it’s immensely critical for commanding in the cutting edge business world. Yet, there’s a considerable measure of SEO fraud out there. There are times when you come across data that is old and is really great. Data which is available nowadays is sometimes fake and once in a while it’s a by and large lie from an SEO “master.” Your site’s ranking on a search engine is a critical factor in boosting brand awareness.

SEO Myths


Digital marketer can take help of numerous strategies to support their organic traffic and search ranking. Including applicable keywords, offering content that supports sharing and guest posting to gain backlinks are a couple of the numerous approaches to enhance your organic search position and increment leads and changes.

SEO myths with Truth


Here are some top myths that you should take note of when optimizing a website:

  • After appearing on the first page of search results, you are done with your SEO work
  •  Truth- SEO needs continuous analysis when it comes to optimizing a website and to maintain a higher ranking.


  • Create as much as backlinks you can, it doesn’t matter from where it comes from.
  • Truth- Google keeps a track of the backlinks associated with your website and the quality of them.


  • Linking other pages to your website will not help in generating traffic and SEO.
  • Truth- The linked pages ensures people stay on your page for a longer period of time which improves SEO.


  • Keyword research does not matter when you have done it before.
  • Truth- Believe it or not, keywords have a special place in improving SEO, no Google update can eliminate the importance of keywords.


  • Guest posting is dead in this modern way of executing digital marketing.
  • Truth- It still remains a most efficient way of building backlinks and relations. Guest posting can still draw traffic to your website.


  • It’s all about creating good content, it can always generate more traffic to your website.
  • It’s really astonishing when talking about content which helps a website to rank high.  Take content which is written by a well-known writer, it’s incomplete without keywords which are relevant.


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