Why Flipkart Is Planning To Buy Stake in Hotstar?

The market is all about competing, Flipkart’s move to launch explore plus after the e-commerce giant Amazon entered into Netflix arena was the proof of taking a hold of the market and the users. Walmart taking over Flipkart has made some major changes to the company and are taking drastic steps to maintain that hold. Amazon’s prime videos caught the eyes of each and every customer after Netflix and are famous among users now. Flipkart has plans to enter into the same market as the big giant Amazon.

Flipkart looking to buy stakes in hotstar


Flipkart has held talks to acquire a stake in Hotstar, Star India’s video streaming service, as a major aspect of India’s biggest online retailer’s technique to chance on video content and draw in more Internet buyers and customers. The supposed venture has all the signs of being extensively in accordance with ongoing all inclusive Mergers And Acquisitions action. Accordingly, Flipkart-Hotstar runs over more like a play ideal out of Amazon’s playbook i.e. utilize video as a manoeuvre into the core web-based business.

Flipkart Planning to buy stakes in hotstar


As the services which are provided by Amazon prime includes both the e-commerce benefits and entertainment, Flipkart looking to buy stakes in hotstar won’t make it an integrated system as Amazon, except if it is a bigger part stake or a collective property, the venture in that way appears like a needless investment. The packaged offer can be made by means of association declarations. Actually, Hotstar as of now is one of the Internet associates for Flipkart Plus – Flipkart’s client commitment program which contends with Amazon Prime.

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