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SEO Strategies For Google Voice Search, Get Ready For The Takeover

SEO strategies were meant to be applied to the website for increasing the search engine ranking based on keywords and factors like backlinks. With increasing growth in technology, a number of factors that can affect your SEO strategies are growing simultaneously. You must have realized until now, voice search is here to stay. It will soon be an imperative factor in social media and search engine marketing. Surveys tell us, 41% of adults use google voice search at least once in a day which will confidently increase up to 50% by 2020.

SEO Strategies-Patterns Of Queries

Google Voice Search SEO


There can be two different types of queries when you are using a search engine. Think about the time when you are typing your query rather than speaking your query. For example, if you are searching for the best hotels in Colaba, Mumbai, you’ll write a query saying best hotels Colaba. On the other hand, if you opt for a voice search, you are more likely to speak the whole sentence. Voice search command can be,”What are the best restaurants in Colaba, Mumbai”. Google and other search engines are working on the programming and machine learning to improve voice search.

Importance Of Long Tail Keyword

Long Tail Keyword in google voice search


While the times of short tail catchphrases are well behind us, voice search makes focusing on the right long tail keywords are more basic than ever. Advertisers can upgrade the two kinds of a hunt by utilizing conversational, long tail catchphrases. The new keywords are quite certain since they are being searched by individuals additionally down the buyer journey.

Google Voice Search SEO Strategies

SEO strategies google voice search


With standard search SEO, being present in the initial ten outcomes and showed on the first page of the web index results was sufficient. Voice search makes this diversion more focused since now all SEO and SEM advertisers are expecting to have their content returned as the highlighted snippet that is shown over the principal organic result.


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