Indian Govt’s New Draft To Affect E-Commerce Websites Like Flipkart & Amazon?

Amazon and flipkart

E-Commerce in India is presently estimated to be worth around $25 Billion which can grow up to $200 Billion in next 10 year, has been under the surveillance of Indian Govt. The Inventory based model companies in India like Flipkart, Amazon which provide a platform for the seller to sell their products on respected websites have been struggling with the new draft issued by the Govt of India to channelize the sales of E-commerce in the Indian market. The inventory-based model of these e-commerce giants gives an opportunity for buying and selling to numerous dealers. The new draft by Indian Govt can seriously affect the revenues and the major parts of discount.

India’s biggest E-commerce firms Amazon Seller Services Pvt. Ltd and Flipkart Pvt. Ltd are battling the legislature to scrap the whole draft internet business strategy, which suggests strict limitations on online retail, including cutting down on discounts. The online retailers have asked the administration to rather think about new directions.

E-commerce website

The administration has been attempting to construct a draft on a web-based business approach to determine the design void on key issues identified with the segment, and also to adequately react to a scheme for a multilateral legislature in web-based business at the World Trade Organization.

Trump Admistration

The foreign companies like Amazon and Walmart are probably going to ask the Donald Trump organization to connect with its Indian partner if the last design is “not directed”. They expect a blast of letters to be traded between US experts and the Indian government if at all the arrangement doesn’t turn out to be all the fairer.

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