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Does Facebook Ads ‘illegitimately Discriminate’ By Race, Gender And Disability? HUB Filed A Complaint!


Facebook has been busy doing all the required changes in their ad mechanism to make it better and worthy for users to experience a totally different environment. Facebook’s marathon of changing few ad-related features has taken pace after exposing detailed targeting options and utilizing user information. These allegations pushed Facebook in observation of the Congress. The major changes that included removing the partner categories and now the estimated number of people you can reach through an ad campaign.

HUB complaint against Facebook


The Department of Housing and Urban Development field a disagreement Friday blaming Facebook for enabling advertisers to illegally distinguish against certain groups through its advertisement platform. The complaint said “Facebook unlawfully discriminates by enabling advertisers to restrict which Facebook users receive housing-related ads based on race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, and disability. Facebook mines extensive user data and classifies its users based on protected characteristics,” the complaint said.”

Facebook user information


Facebook’s advertisement focusing on devices at that invite advertisers to show unlawful inclinations by proposing oppressive choices, and Facebook bring on the conveyance of housing-related advertisements to specific clients and not others in view of those clients’ real or associated secured qualities.

Facebook Change in ad Campaigns


Facebook, on the other hand, trying their level best to work on their discrimination policies with HUB to address their concern. Facebook mentions there’s no place for discrimination on facebook, it’s strictly prohibited in their policies and they have been working on removing any elements that cause the same.

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