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Amazon Testing It’s Attribution Pixel, Major Step In Comparing The Domination

Amazon wants marketers to know it’s ads are better than that of its rivals and they can generate better sales on its site. The retailer is trying its Amazon Attribution device, which gives advertisers a chance to look at whether promotions on its destinations are more successful than those on its opponents. Just those advertisers that sell on Amazon, instead of selling through it, are being welcome to the free trials. Rivalry for seeking rankings on Amazon is getting harder as more advertisers are competing, compelling some to search somewhere else for traffic and engagement.

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Advertisers have an option to pick influence of page views, purchase and sales which are among some important conversion metrics. This will drive the brands to Amazon as they will now have attribution parity. An added advantage with this will be that Amazon will be able to measure their campaigns alongside that of Google, which will enable them to take credit for the ads along with giving them the ability to push traffic back at their own site.

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As said by Ben Tregoe, SVP of revenue at ad tech company Nanigans, “Owning your attribute lets you grade your own homework, the reason each platform is intent on having their own attribution system is that they know the other platforms cannot be trusted to properly credit ads outside their own platform.” In a race to gain domination in this e-commerce┬áscenario, Amazon has been pulling serious strings to keep its competitors at bay, attribute pixel would act like a serious game changer for them.

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