Elon Musk To Start Hyperloop Test Tunnel Free Rides On December 10

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX & Tesla announced the start date of the Hyperloop test tunnel for the high-speed subway concept. It will be available for free rides to people. Musk, who made the published on Twitter the last night, said that the general population will even get free rides on the about 2-mile test course the next day, Tuesday, December 11. Formally called The Loop, Musk got an permission to build the 2-mile course in the city of Hawthorne, California along 120th Street.

Hyperloop Tunnel


Musk’s test, developed by his project The Boring Company, is promoted as having the best speed of 155mph (250kph) however it’s not clear yet how fast travellers will get from Point A to Point B. Insights about how quick it grows to that best speed has not been made open. The current Los Angeles metro has a normal working pace of a little more than 25 mph. The Boring Company won an offer back in June to manufacture a fast underground framework for Chicago that will attempt to every part of the 18 miles between downtown Chicago and O’Hare Airport in around 12 minutes. Existing Chicago trains take around 40-45 minutes to travel that equivalent course. However, development on Chicago’s passage has not yet begun.

Elon musk on hyperloop tunnel


Elon musk twitter fans ribbed him on twitter after the announcement as they are more familiar with the delays in Tesla cars, one user wrote, “Dec 10 in real time or Elon time?” The Boring Company explained about the lift system which can be implemented in a very small space within existing buildings, houses, office buildings & retail parking lots.

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