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Pricyfy is an ‘All in one’ App that gives the user a choice to navigate through different categories of apps which are integrated into one single and a compact module called Pricyfy. There are many thoughts that will cross your mind when we talk about app integration. It suggests a collection of more than one or two application that can make your work easier as you don’t have to navigate through different apps to carry out your work. For more information refer to App Integration by Pricyfy. Mobile users face numerous problems when it comes to app installations and mobile usability. Taking into consideration the needs of the users and the difficulties that are faced by them, we have a system that deals with multiple numbers of problems like Device storage, Increased amount of data usage, the complexity of navigating through applications and many more.

Features We Offer: 

Pricyfy-All in one App

Our resolution is to resolve the number of mobile phones problems which an average person is facing in a country like India. As India is the biggest smartphone market with 124 million smartphone users and has over 18% increasing marketing share per year. The goal is to provide a user experience platform which can make a user’s everyday task much easier. Peculiarities at Pricyfy focuses on:

  • Price Comparison Within Application
  • List Of Products Within The Application
  • Best & Exclusive Deal And Offers
  • Updated Offers Every 24 Hours
  • Integrated Online Shopping In Multiple Categories
  • Cheapest cabs and outstation cabs
  • Daily update on the horoscope
  • Daily News Updates

All in one app

Mobile users avoid all the complexities that require switching between applications for checking or evaluating prices from different e-commerce websites. Price comparison that Pricyfy provides, eases up the pain of switching across different online shopping websites.

Pricyfy provides all the products within the application which any user can select and navigate through. You are not redirected to any other website or application. Best deals and offers are updated daily on the application. You get best and exclusive offers on a vast variety of products from different e-commerce websites.

Multiple categories are included for online shopping like products on Flipkart, Amazon, Tata CLIQ, Groceries, medicines. Users now have a single platform for all the products from different sections. Booking cheapest cabs and outstation cabs now is now much easier as it is integrated within Pricyfy.

You get all news updates and different categories of news within Pricyfy. You can stop searching for a daily horoscope on search engines and get updates on horoscope within the application.

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