What Exactly is App Integration?

Application Integration


Ever felt a need for handling all your apps at once and keeping some space just for more beautiful things in your life? Take a case,  You are traveling to an astonishing place which is full of scenic view and are about to make beautiful memories. Taking your phone out and releasing that it’s out of space, feels like throwing it away. There are so many services which are provided by several different apps and are used daily by us consumes most of the space on your phone. Every application is necessary and the services which it provides are more valuable to us to function daily like booking a cab, ordering groceries online, reading the horoscope, news updates, live scores, shopping items online. We have an app for executing each task individually. This is where the urge of app integration comes. Combining different apps in a single app or combining different APIs can be termed as application integration.

Why Do We Need It?

Too many Applications

Scrolling through your phone looking for an appropriate app to carry out a task can be a real pain for some individuals who are so busy with their work that they don’t have time to manage these like their phone. That’s when the need for Application integration came into the picture. When you can have all the things at a single place which you use for carrying out daily tasks, then why bother downloading a single application for the same? This helps us to save our time and phone’s battery with a lot of memory. We usually organize our phone’s applications in a single folder for accessibility then why not have it in a single app?

Why Is It The Future?

Pricyfy-All in one app


With an increase in the need for optimization in each and everything, be it your car or your computer or the internet, everything needs optimization which will reduce the pain of handling too many things at a time. We at Pricyfy tried to make it easier for the smartphone users to manage and carry out tasks that needed more than one app for executing various jobs. Be it news applications, cabs, groceries, weather, medicines, places around you, horoscope, outstation cabs, cricket live scores, online shopping and comparing prices from different e-commerce websites, each and everything is integrated into a single application. It’s time to move from the old ways of dealing with mobile applications and moving to the future of App integration.


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