An Event To Remember- Pricyfy’s First Sponsorship

When you talk about app promotions these days, it’s all related to digital marketing & online advertising. Have you ever thought about executing an offline marketing campaign? These are just as important as you think online marketing campaigns are. Benefits of getting to know your users in person give you an upper hand on executing different strategies to improve your product. Pricyfy- All in one app focuses on making a comprehensive product which can provide all the functionalities on the fingertips of the user. App integration plays an important role as it gives an option to the user to execute each & every daily task on one single app with ease of access to the notifications. Having too many apps creates a problem of missing out on offers and deals which can be solved by a single platform. We at pricyfy asked a simple question to the users of missing out on deals & offers & the reply was in our favour.

Why are offline app promotions necessary?

We at pricyfy believe taking user’s feedback is as necessary as providing them with a number of services. App reviews play an important role for the ranking of your app on google play store but offline reviews can create a major impact on what the company is actually following. We actually get to see what the users like about the app and what they dislike. In our recent sponsorship to NMIMS Bangalore, we created an awareness among people of app integration and the “All in one app” concept. The offline reviews made us work in a really different way as we could give and solve user’s problem in real time.

Perks of offline app promotions

Most of the members of team pricyfy were busy in creating awareness for the application & some of them were busy analysing the response we got from the campaign. Market research and user feedback gave us ways to improve as most of the candidates filled a form where we asked them simple yes or no questions and what they really wanted from an all in one application. We got to know more about user behaviour and they actually wanted. One of the things which users mentioned the most when asked, “what do they look in the app when they first download it?” The answer was none other than the user interface. Team Pricyfy took those strong points and is all set to deliver a product which can be an alternative for all the other apps.

The three days app promotion campaign

The experience was really astonishing for the team as they got a chance to meet some brilliant mind in the college for the first day of promotions. Many candidates and students came to us for more information regarding the app and how it was different from the other apps. We also started a pricyfy partner program for the students which provided them with enough perks,  chance to learn brand building and how to grow as a leader. The three days campaign added more value to the team as they got to learn so much from the external interactions & how it could all be more valuable.

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