Flipkart Republic Day Sale!

Hi Users

This year India will be celebrating its 68th Republic day. On this Occassion Flipkart.com (Click here http://fkrt.it/YO4pR!NNNN to go to Flipkart.com) has come up with Republic day sale from Jan 24 – Jan26 where you can shop for all varieties of products at very cheap cost. Here are some of the lists.

Rs 500 – Rs 3000 off on Mobile Phones- http://fkrt.it/JTEeUTuuuN

Great deals on laptops- http://fkrt.it/YTi9u!NNNN

Fashion & Lifestyle- http://fkrt.it/YTUnR!NNNN

Home & Furniture- http://fkrt.it/Y!LZ8!NNNN

Books & Stationary- http://fkrt.it/YT8bT!NNNN

Click here for more deals- http://fkrt.it/YO4pR!NNNN

For Any more doubts you can contact us at care@pricyfy.com

Happy Shopping 🙂

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