My Team -1

We hired a candidate few months back without a college degree & very little experience and she ended up setting a shining example for the rest of the team, especially ME!

She is a Karnataka local, comes from a not well established family, and the YOUNGEST in Pricyfy.

But she is also the first one to come to the office, is always into the work and is a die hard chicken lover. She has also got a hawk eye on each and every design part of our company.

Frankly speaking, i never have to ask her for help. I just have to inform her that this does not go well and she is one who takes care of everything after that.

She shows up everytime with a SMILE! She is joyfull and is so dedicated into the work that we feel motivated after looking at her & its always fun to Work with her. She is very passionate of what she does and whatever she does, she gives her 10000% thoroughly and we do feel that we are lucky to have her with Pricyfy. We recognise and appreciate her dedicated efforts towards the Product and the company.

And that wasn’t the first time her dedication have show’d in the day, nor the last.

Pricyfy is an equal opportunity Startup. We care your SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE more than a degree. We care about your heart, family, health, work ethics and professionalism. We want people whose passion is contagious to remain with us and help us grow so that “WHEN THEY GROW, WE WILL GROW”

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